Software intern at Facebook.
Student at UC San Diego.
Majoring in Computer Science.
Eventum Event Registration Application Suite
Tap the attendees phone with the organizers phone to sign into any event in a few seconds.
EventNotify Facebook Chatbot
Chatbot created for Facebook Messenger that supports event creation and event reminders for group conversations.
Trump the Tower Android/iOS Mobile Game
Developed Mobile Game using Unity and C#. Climb the “Trump Tower” and try to get past obstacles in order to reach a high score.
MIT Zero Coding competition
Reached Worldwide Semifinal stage at the MIT Zero coding competition. Controlled SPHERES satellites using C/C++. Deployed code on satellites in the International Space Station.
Event Eyes Android App
Application that takes images of flyers and adds the relevant information to your calendar.
Resumakr Resume Builder
1st place at UCSD Hack Day 2016. Helped users build a polished resume after inputting relevant information.
Monta Vista Robotics Mechanical Captain
In charge of building a human sized robot, including design and fabrication. Robot pictured manipulated totes and recycling cans and stacked them up to 7 levels.